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Providing a creative learning experience for your infants.

From birth to 24 months, we already have much potential to learn and absorb the things that happen around us. This is called the sensorimotor stage. The sensorimotor stage is where your child is observing the world around them. This is also the stage where they are constantly experimenting with things, shaking them, throwing them, or placing them in their mouths. Through this experimental stage, they are able to learn whether these things are good for them or bad, thus begins their absorption of how the world works.

kids doing artSoon, infants will learn how to crawl, walk, and stand as they begin to further develop their mobility and cognition. Finally, as they near the end of the sensorimotor stage, they can already begin to develop their language skills.

At Door Of Hope Childrens Center, we don’t want to waste your child’s potential of gaining an excellent learning experience. We have provided age-appropriate activities for them to discover, explore, and gain as much knowledge so they can be able to fully develop their skills even at a young age.

For more information about our Infant Program, please don’t hesitate to call us at 323-262-0777.

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